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   P R O J E C T  D O C T O R  C O O L   

The beginning aspirations for this project was to create an inviting, tranquil, utilitarian office space where numerous people could meet comfortably. We painted the walls a light mint hue, supplemented by a one of a kind art piece full of vibrancy. This, along with the potted cactus, fresh flowers, and cowhide rug supplied the natural, layered environment we were looking for. Between two refurbished, vintage, walnut side tables, we installed a sublime caramel colored chesterfield sofa, perfect for morning meetings with nurses. Symmetry was the focus of this serene sanctuary, promoting focus and productivity. A chrome & glass desk was placed conveniently and inconspicuously in the center of the room, creating the illusion of space. The end result was an airy, welcoming haven that is serviceable and congenial, as well as visually and aesthetically pleasing.

   C L I E N T  T E S T I M O N I A L   

Client Review Coming Soon!

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