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Photography By Alise O'Brien

  P R O J E C T  S U N N Y S I D E  F A R M S   

"I can’t write enough wonderful things about your incredible and perfect interpretation of the interiors of the farmhouse.  Family treasures have been restored beyond their original appearance, perfect new treasures have appeared, and thoughtful, beautiful, comfortable arrangements occupy the better-than-ever rooms.  It is perfect at Sunnyside for generations to come.

Upon our arrival I explored the farmhouse with absolute delight.  Among your innumerable talents are knowing what is needed, the knowledge of what is available and where to find it, the ability to enhance existing furnishings, and the ability to find people who can fix anything and everything. You certainly have a magical ability to bring out beauty while making the furnishings comfortable and useful.  It is unbelievably exactly right. I’ve spent day after day rewarding myself with the joy of looking at each room over and over. What a remarkable transformation the farmhouse has made under your direction.  This has been a memorable day.  Everything, absolutely everything, has exceeded expectations. The farmhouse and its contents will be greatly loved by the family for the next 50 years or longer and it will reflect your talents and imagination and tenacity for all that time.

Everywhere I look around the house is appreciated.  No detail has been neglected.  You have created beauty and it is livable beauty responding to the needs of three generations of a family.
What should I celebrate first?  The towels that complement each bathroom?  The varieties of soap? The perfect little blue lamp in the master bedroom?  The flower arrangements?  The fabulous rug under the black table on the porch? The chess set?  The food?  The cleaning supplies? The throw blankets?  The aluminum decorative items that won’t tarnish? The linens that correspond to each room?
The list does not end!  Attention to detail coupled with incredible talent and a remarkable work ethic are a rare combination.  You are the best."

  A W A R D S   &  P U B L I C A T I O N S  

Sunnyside Issue Cover.jpg

Sophisticated Living, July/August 2023

"Living with History"

Pages: 26 - 31 

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles August 2023.jpg

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles, August 2023

Platinum Bathroom of the Year Awards

Pages: 19 - 20

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